Battery Management System


Our battery management system is engineered to offer a complete solution for monitoring high voltage battery packs. The BMS can be configured for various applications at any voltage & at any power level.

For a straightforward implementation, we offer a scalable battery module equipped with ENNOID-BMS slave board & a Penthouse box equipped with the ENNOID-BMS Master board.

Slave board features:

  • Scalable for up to 1000V packs
  • 12 cell levels monitoring per board
  • 2 watts balancing power per cell level, 24W maximum per board
  • Daisychain Master/Slave ISOSPI communication
  • i2C communication for external temperature sensors
  • Integrated with GPIO, analog input & temperature sensor
  • Parameters fully programmable through an easy to use graphical user interface

Download USB configuration software:

ENNOID-BMS tool (Windows)

For more details see:

Design files (Github)

Operating manual

Slave board LTC6811

Master board

Master board features:

  • Isolated voltages measurements for discharge & battery pack circuits
  • Isolated bi-directional current monitoring via external delta-sigma current sensor
  • Isolated charger detection circuit
  • Isolated CAN bus interface, compatible with VESC CAN
  • Daisychain Master/Slave ISOSPI communication
  • 12-24V contactor coil outputs for charge, discharge & precharge
  • USB interface for programming and firmware upgrades through an easy to use graphical user interface
  • OLED display output
  • ON/OFF toggle switch input

For more details see: Design files on Github

For a complete system, we recommend the Penthouse Box with our HV-Modules.

For the more adventurous ones, we sell our ENNOID-BMS master kit, which consist of a Master-BMS board with power button, OLED display & current sensor. You can order one Master-kit and add as much as 10 slaves boards. For ordering more than 6 slaves boards, please contact us:


For a complete working BMS, you need at least the master kit with at least one slave board, one battery module, contactors, cabling & 12V isolated power supply. See : operating manual