High-voltage module


Our battery modules makes possible the design of custom battery packs at any voltage and at any power level. Modules can be stacked in parallel & series to obtain the desired voltage and capacity. Each module is equipped with an ENNOID-BMS slave board which balances cells & brings protection against temperature and voltage abuses.

Coupled to an ENNOID-BMS master board and some other "off-the-shelf" components, a complete battery pack can be build for any EV conversion project.

For a straightforward battery pack implementation, ENNOID Penthouse Box is recommended.


  • Modules can be stacked in parallel & series
  • Equiped with ENNOID-BMS slave board for balancing, cell voltage & temperature monitoring
  • Bottom cooling plate design
  • Individually fused 18650 cylindrical cells
  • ISOSPI communication between modules & master
  • Sealed & robust 3D printed casing
  • Removable handle

Module specs:

  • Up to 1.5kWh capacity
  • 12S10P configuration, 44.4V nominal
  • Up to 7kW continuous (160A), 14kW pulsed (320A)
  • 6.3kg (13.8lb)
  • UL 94 ABS with flame retardant

For more details see: Design files on Github

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Dimensions 12S10P module

3D printable files: