Low voltage pack

For low power applications that require less than 3kW of continuous power & 6kW peak, we offer an "all-in-one" solution with our low voltage 12S10P sealed battery pack with integrated BMS, power switches, precharge circuit, LCD display and power button. Connect the load and you are ready to go!


  • Easy to use: 1 connector for the charger, 1 connector for the load
  • Power ON/OFF button
  • LCD display for status indication
  • Safe & easy operation with the integrated BMS

Battery pack specs:

  • 1.5kWh capacity, 12S10P
  • 44.4V nominal
  • 3kW continuous (70A), 6kW pulsed (140A)
  • Individually fused 18650 cylindrical cells
  • Sealed & robust casing
  • 6.8kg (15lb)

1.5kWh 12S10P low voltage pack