ENNOID Penthouse

Download USB configuration software:

ENNOID-BMS tool (Windows)

Introducing ENNOID's penthouse

For a complete build with our HV-modules, our Penthouse Box is the preferred solution. The box integrates all functions required for high current & high voltage battery pack applications.


  • ENNOID-BMS Master board inside
  • 24V to 400V operation
  • Up to 500A discharge
  • Internal current sensor
  • Integrated contactors for charge, precharge & discharge
  • Internal 12V - 5A isolated power supply
  • Outputs for CAN, 12V, power button, OLED display & ISOSPI
  • USB port for configuration through an easy to use graphical user interface
  • UL 94 Fire resistant & IP67 sealed box

Comes with OLED display, power button & associated cabling. Cabling length & connector types can be specified after ordering.


  • Dual main contactors or single main contactor with manual precharge button
  • Power supply 12V output:
    • 24V to 150V input
    • 75V to 400V input
  • Fuses:
    • Single, dual, none
    • 150V, 300V & 500V (depending of user application)
  • Cable length & connectors

We recommend using a charger with a voltage equals to the fully charged battery pack voltage . You can also buy one of our specially configured chargers