Battery Management System


Our configurable battery management system is engineered to offer a complete solution for monitoring high voltage battery packs. It consist of a Master board based on an STM32 microcontroller connected through an ISOSPI interface to one or several slave boards. The modular BMS can be configured for various applications at any voltage & at any power level. 

Thanks to the Open-Source nature of ENNOID-BMS, customers can contribute to the project and adapt it to their needs. Hardware and software repositories are available on our Github page. Information can also be found on our blog.

Slave board features:


LTC6811 :  Up to 12 cells voltage monitoring  &  5 temperature sensors per slave

LTC6813 : Up to 18 cells voltage monitoring  &  9  temperature sensors per slave

Slave board LTC6813-18S

**Manufacturing lead time : 2 weeks

***Not included  with master & slave boards: Main contactors,  cabling, OLED display, Power button, cable lugs, power supply, charger. Check accessories offering

Master-HV board

Master-HV board features:


Master-LV board features:


Master-LV board

Boards dimensions