ENNOID-ESC 100V|125A is a full-featured electronic speed controller oriented toward Light Electric Vehicles.

Based & compatible with the popular VESC project & related ecosystem.


  • Single motor controller

  • 100V tolerant ~20S capable

  • CAN bus interface, UART, PPM & servo connectors

  • 3.3V & 5V HALL support + temperature ADC channel

  • JST PH 2.0mm connectors

  • Dimensions: 70mm x 72mm x 17.5mm (including mounting bolts height)

  • Bluetooth module, NRF51822

  • Accelerometer IMU, BMI160

  • Support momentary ON/OFF NC push button.

  • Automatic shutdown enabled firmware.

Coming soon: Version from 02/2023 and above :

  • PCB cooling/protective case for both sides

  • DC Input 12 Gauge wire to XT60 Male

  • Phase Output 12 Gauge wire to 4mm Female Bullet connectors

  • ADC1 and ADC2 internally equipped with 10k Ohm pulldown resistors

100V | 125A ENNOID-ESC