Battery Management System


ENNOID-BMS XLITE is an extra compact charge only BMS oriented toward Light Electric Vehicles.


  • Automotive grade monitoring & balancing IC with separate power supply for increased reliability

  • High-side charge switches

  • 12S & 24S board options are available

  • Voltages measurements for charger & battery pack

  • Charge current monitoring and discharge current through VESC CAN

  • SOC based on coulomb counting (CAN bus current readings from VESC)

  • Charger detection circuit

  • USB-C & CAN bus interface

  • Configuring and firmware upgrades over USB through the VESC-Tool V5.03 and above (ENNOID-BMS tool for expert only)

  • On board High-Efficiency 3.3V regulator powered from the main battery pack

  • JST PH 2.0mm ballance connectors

  • XT30PW connectors for battery & charger connection

NEW feature for 2022:

  • Full VESC & VESC-tool CAN & USB compatibility for firmware updates, data monitoring, SOC tracking & parameters configuration


CAN bus on the XLITE is non-isolated. Make sure you understand the diagram provided in the "XLITE-PINOUT" file below to avoid any damage.

**Boards are sold without accessories. Please buy the appropriate accessories for your own particular needs.

XLITE-24 : Please buy XLITE-24-V3 instead

XLITE-12 : Please buy XLITE-12-V2 instead

2023/01, Firmware 6.00 update:

  • SOC tracking is now more inline with VESC