Battery Management System


XLITE-V3 is a direct drop-in replacement to the original XLITE and XLITE-V2

Reminder: Monolitic BMS are not recommended for split packs. We recommend using Master-XLITE and 36S slaves for split pack or wait for the XLITE-12+ to be released

What's new:


Boards are sold without accessories. Please buy the appropriate accessories for your own particular needs.

XLITE-24-V3Phased out, see XLITE-24-V4

2024/01: Firmware V6.02: 

2023/10, Firmware 6.01-beta-11:

2023/10, Firmware 6.01-beta-10:

2023/10, Firmware 6.01-beta-9:

2023/09, Firmware 6.01-beta-8:

2023/08, Firmware 6.01-beta-5:

2023/07, Firmware 6.01-beta-4:



Using VESC-Tool desktop over BLE bridge:

Using VESC-Tool mobile over BLE:

Firmware update over BLE:

PIN lock and scan CAN connection: